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Patient Review By Jim G

We all dread anything dental related and a tooth extraction is never at the top of anyone's list! Everyone I encountered AO&MS was professional and courteous. The procedure was painless and all my 'dread' was for naught! Thank you Dr. Klein for your 'every guy' professionalism and kindness. Had I known ahead of time that you were a WVU sports enthusiast, we could have had some Coach Huggins conversation!

- Jim G

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Patient Review By Karen N

Normally, a tooth extraction is not a pleasant experience but the Doctor, and all the Staff members, helped make this a experience something that will be remembered in the positive rather than the negative. As mentioned, everyone here was terrific and caring, but kuddos to Marcy who, besides Dr. Kimberly, provided us with information to follow and helped us to our vehicle and made us feel like part of the AOMS family.

- Karen N

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Patient Review By Antonia W

My overall experience at the AOMS office in Norton, Ohio was absolutely fantastic! Dr. McDonnell, and the entire staff did a great job! I would recommend this office to everyone! I got three teeth pulled, and I didn’t feel any pain at all. Dr. McDonnell , and nurses were so comforting, caring, gentle, and so friendly. The AOMS Norton, Ohio office really takes very good care of their patients. They’re the best! Such a wonderful team! Thumbs up, and a round of applause to all of them in the Norton, Ohio office! Fantastic!

- Antonia W

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Patient Review By Alicia W

Great experience thank you!

- Alicia W

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Patient Review By Mark G

Thank you for everything. I am recovering very well. I highly recommend this office with Dr. Kimberly.. Thank you all again !!

- Mark G

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Patient Review By Lorie K

I had numerous things completed at one time / operation. Bone grafting, cyst removal and extraction. Recovery was great and the whole experience from this group / practice is an astounding A+ Top notch service- would definitely recommend

- Lorie K

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Patient Review By April W

I had a terrible infection from a wisdom tooth removal (by a different surgeon) and landed in bad shape in the hospital! Dr. Klein was the “hospital on call guy” but he helped me through everything in there and continued care in his office until I was finally in the clear! We’re talking weeks here and he does not except my insurance! How often these days can one say about a doctor “he did it because he cares” I can’t say enough about how wonderful these folks are.

- April W

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Patient Review By Sharon T

Dr. Klein removed my son's wisdom teeth in 2014. In 2017 I needed a molar extraction and implant and was referred to another oral surgeon where I had a terrible experience. Dr. Klein took me on as a patient after the botched procedure but was fair in wanting to give his peer the benefit of doubt; however, after hearing my story, he agreed to continue my treatment to resolution. He is a very kind and patient man with an easy going manner and my blood pressure dropped when he walked into the room. His office staff - regardless their position or training - are extremely kind and the overall atmosphere is quiet and calming. I would never hesitate to refer him.

- Sharon T

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Patient Review By john a

A particular thank you to the front office staff.

- john a

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Patient Review By Tessa N

My overall experience was painless. The nurses were very complimentary and assured me to call anytime with issues I may experience. The procedure was painless and quick. My only regret is that I didn't come to this office sooner for my previous dental work. I will return with any problems or questions I have in the future. Thank you!

- Tessa N

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Patient Review By Greg D

You could not find better doctor or staff anywhere. Cured my fear of dentists and literally changed my life.

- Greg D

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Patient Review By Cynthia M

Made me feel comfortable considering that I had to have a tooth extracted! Doctor was very professional and gentle.

- Cynthia M

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Patient Review By Michele C

I had extensive work done over a 16 month span, countless visits and surgeries. Dr. McDonnell and team were outstanding, I made it through a long and difficult process because of the expertise and great care. I am so pleased I chose Dr McDonnell. I had serious problems and it was often one step forward and two steps back, but Dr. McDonnell, with his kindness, gentleness, personality, his skill and experience with implants kept me going. He knew what would work and got us through a difficult case. I was always treated as an individual, and the kindness, caring and compassion always shown by Dr. McDonnell and every member of his staff deserve the ultimate praise. I am so pleased that I chose Dr. McDonnell and would not hesitate to recommend him, I always felt that I was receiving the finest in care.

- Michele C

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Patient Review By Ed S

The entire staff was very nice, helpful, knowledgeable and very polite. The extraction took only about a minute and Dr McDonnell was extremely skilled. No Pain at all.

- Ed S

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Patient Review By Laura M

The entire staff made my appointment the best it could be. It is a good feeling to know that the staff and doctor really do care over and beyond!

- Laura M

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Patient Review By Lori D

This place is top notch! I have been to all three locations and Always have a great experience! The staff members are so friendly and knowledgeable and go out of their way to make sure your experience is the best that it can be! My family and I have always seen Dr Dave Kimberly. He is absolutely wonderful, so caring and every procedure he has done has been flawless and the healing time is very minimal! I can't say enough good things about this group. I would give 10 stars if I could.

- Lori D

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Patient Review By Dedra P

Simply the best customer care! Every staff member I came into contact with went above and beyond my expectations. Dr. McDonnell is so compassionate and made my experience as comfortable as possible. I will definitely be returning for future needs and recommending AOMS to all friends and family.

- Dedra P

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Patient Review By Christoper B

From the first moment I walked in the door, I was made to feel at ease. This began at the time I made the appointment, as the receptionist made me feel more relaxed with her sincere kindness. The day of my appointment, all the staff took the time and extra effort to make sure I was comfortable. They reasured me when I was nervous and scared. Dr. Klein came in and introduced himself and explained everything to me with compassion and care in a way that I understood what to expect completely. Dr. Klein took all the necessary steps to make sure the procedure was practically pain free. He took the time to explain post operative procedures. He also made sure I knew I could contact him with any questions or concerns. Dr. Klein called with my results and was very informative and caring when talking with me. I am not the type of person to leave comments like this, but felt that Dr. Klein and his staff really deserve this genuine positive feedback!

- Christoper B

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Patient Review By Nicole

I had an extraction and an implant placed and had a wonderful experience! From the ease of scheduling to the courtesy of the office and the professionalism of the Doctor. Everyone made me feel at ease and the procedure itself was a breeze. I didn't need anything for pain in the days following. Fantastic experience and I recommend this office to everyone looking for an Oral Surgeon. Thank you!

- Nicole

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